Registration for the FALL 2017 session of phonics class is now open!

Please see the schedule at the bottom of the page for class availability. Phonics/writing classes are available days per week and will continue throughout the school year and each summer by special arrangement. 

The ability to read is one of the most fundamental requirements for success in school and provides the foundation for a meaningful and productive life later on. Many young children are able to recite the alphabet and sing the alphabet song; many also struggle with reading and spelling through a lack of phonemic awareness. Too often, children are memorizing words without knowing how any of the letters are represented. This deficit manifests itself later, when the child is faced with unknown words and does not know the simple rules of phonics and how to apply them in order to progress well and gain confidence.

Phonics instruction teaches the relationship between letters and the speech sounds they produce, making learning to read much easier for the child. Often, young children are taught only to identify and memorize the names of isolated alphabet letters, one at a time. Unfortunately, without a connection to the actual speech sounds produced by these letters, and without exposure to the surrounding text and how it relates, the child often misses the fact that print has meaning. 

At Edgemoor Art Studio, Inc.  the phonics classes are taught by a veteran teacher who is passionate about educating the whole child and bringing out his or her best. Classes are not only instructional; they are interractive, engaging, and fun. The phonics program begins with the short vowels (sight and sound), followed by consonants, blends, and one-vowel words. Long vowel sounds, two-vowel phonics rules, and special sounds are introduced later. Children are encouraged to be expressive, share with their peers, and display humor and individuality in a safe, non-threatening environment conducive to learning.

Progressive reading books are combined with many wonderful stories, poems, songs, and phonics games for your child's enjoyment and subject retention. Children attending our classes are challenged with listening games and audio exercises in order to be able to differentiate between speech sounds in words. Emphasis throughout the course is placed upon accuracy, punctuation, reading comprehension, and the use of proper expression when reading. A communication folder is used to keep parents thoroughly informed of all updates and details of their child's progress. 

We welcome all children who are four years of age to join our phonics classes. Each child who is enrolled here is well-liked, respected, and valued. Children of this age love to try everything, and in our opinion, they are perfectly capable of learning to read. Our goal is to foster a life-time love of reading for your child. Our phonics class for older children (5-7) is proving to be a huge benefit for the children currently enrolled. 

Parents of children four years and older, may choose to enroll for either the two-day or three-day classes. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Class sizes are small to ensure excellent quality and individual attention as necessary within the reading groups. The Fall class is now accepting students, and will be limited to 6 students. For the maximum benefit to your child, consistent attendance is required, as each class builds upon the last.

For more information, email us at: ruth@edgemoorartstudio.com 

We look forward to meeting you!

To schedule a phonics class, please call the studio.

Morning Phonics Class  Please choose either 2 times per week or 3 times per week.
Ages: 4 - 5

2 times per week:  $280.00 per month  (please call for fall schedule)
3 times per week:  $420.00 per month  (please call for fall schedule)

Afternoon Phonics Class  1 time per week (one-on-one class)
Ages:  5 -7

1 time per week:  $144.00 per month  (Please call to schedule class.  Individual times available.)

Phonics Classes